Match your Wood Floor to Your Personality  

It’s always a good idea to have a home that is fit for your personality. Experts would say that you shouldn’t do this because it will more likely be difficult to sell your home. However, there are ways that you can incorporate your personality without it being too tacky.  

You can put it in your wood floor refinishing Newton, in the paint colors that you choose. In the decors that you have in your home. It all can be little bits and pieces of yourself right there. You don’t exactly have to color everything pink because you love pink. Although there is nothing wrong with that either.  

In this article, you will learn what type of wood floor you should have based on your personality. Before we go on, we would like to remind you that this is only a suggestion and you can always pick out the wood floor that you want the most even if it won’t fit in here.  

Whatever makes you happy is what is most important to have. Here are our suggestions to match your wood floor to your personality.  


The ashy tone of a birch tree with a soft tone to it would give you a light airy vibe. So, if you like that sort of thing like the beach or the freeing wind in the mountain. This is the wood floor color that you would want the most. It works well in many ways and it could be something for you to have as well. So, check this out and with floor to ceiling windows you can have this home in the end.  


It’s important that you make sense of what you do on the wood floor. This is an important thing as it shows what you can do in the long run. This is for the artist in you, who likes the little knick-knacks that are painted in storybooks and fantasy lands.  


If you like the feel of water in your home, you can have this style. The color of those driftwoods by the beach or by the shore would be a perfect wood floor to you. It won’t be too harsh on you and it would be something that would totally be awesome for you.  This is for the free at heart person who likes the feel of the sea in their home.  


If you like the classic and elegant feel in your home, you can go for the antique traditional color of wood floor of mahogany brown. It is a pretty color to have and it would be something that you can work out for. It is something awesome in the long run as well. So, you should have this as much as you can.  

So, as you can see, there are ways for you to go about your favorite feelings. It would be awesome for you to deal with. It is something for you to work with as well. So, you might as well have something to choose from. Remember at the ends of the day the most important thing is whatever makes you happy you should go for it.