Your yard improves the curb appeal and it is imperative that you maintain a good health of both of your trees and plants. Although there are many excellent service companies that can offer you different tree services like Tree Service Roseville, it is still important that, as a gardener in your yard, you are able to identify the signs of tree and plant issues to avoid further damage and repair costs.  

How to See if Your Tree is Sick? 

If you roam around and see some issues and ruins in your trees, it is necessary to examine immediately your trees for potential issues so that you can avoid making it worse, which can lead to its death. We interviewed some of the experts and this is what they gave us: 

1.Examine from the ground up  

2.You can start examining the roots of the trees. Of course, this is something tricky as roots are almost completely hidden under the soil. You can start by looking for the ground heaving up, or some signs of fungi or decay like mushrooms, or some severed roots.  

3.After which move to the tree’s root collar. This is the area that you can see on the soil. You cal try looking for some peels, or some barks that have loosen, as well as deep slits and cracks in the tree.  

4.Now it is time to move to the trunks and if there are some signs of decay. You can try checking for swelling, some soft or decaying woods, cavities on the trunks, and some small or big holes.  

5.Lastly, you can try looking up to the canopy, which is the upper layer of leaves and branches. You can check for: 

  • Leaning branches or limbs 
  • Some problems or issues in leaves such as some spots, holes, discoloration, or deformed leaves.  
  • Canopies that are overly thick as they might break easily with some small amount of force like wind 
  • Dead section of barks called cankers 
  • Dead or dying branches, that have no leaves 
  • Branches that have formed V-shaped as these are weak and can break easily 

It is important that you remove the branches and leaves that you think are diseased. This can be characterized by some spotty yellows on leaves or some dying leaves and shrunken branches. When you fail to remove these parts, there are chances of the disease spreading to the other parts of the trees.  

Also, it is important to take note of the kind of fertilizers and pesticides you have used, as these are the root cause of the disease, if not because of some pests, insects, molds, and fungi that are killing your trees and plants 


There are many ways on how to avoid some issues in your garden or yard. You can either hire a professional tree service or fix them yourself. However, it is also important to be equipped with the proper knowledge on how to repair your trees to avoid causing more harm to them. 

Taking care of your trees and plants needs effort, time, and patience. However, if you would make the proper maintenance, you will realize they are all worth it.