Trees are hazardous in nature. Should they only talk and walk, we are certain that they would immediately be transferred to the front lines. Even though you enjoy seeing these amazing plants developing in your backyard, they still have to be contained once they develop beyond our control. And one way we can contain trees is by cutting them. But even if trees can be hazardous, they are also the best especially if they are properly maintained. Hence, we just want the best for our trees and our goal is to hire the best arborists and tree specialists as much as possible. However, there are a lot of scammers everywhere. Sometimes, it gets challenging to tell a fake service provider from the authentic ones. To prevent confusion, we are here to give some tips to consider to prevent tree service scams: 

Prevent the tree toppers 

There are the proper means of trimming trees and there is tree topping. Tree toppers tend to trip extremely close to the tree and leave your amazing tree to look like a stick that any dog would love to chew. Such scammers frequently prey on susceptible people and provide other extra “services” that they don’t plan to finish. If you become a victim of such fraud, you will wind up having an ugly and unhealthy tree and less money left in your wallet.  

Ask for a quote 

When they provide a free estimate, you need to request for a particular quote. Now, they might not be scammers once they give an estimate. However, you might see yourself with an additional cost after all if you fail to have a quote. 

They don’t have insurance 

As a client, you would like to be protected. When a worker becomes hurt while doing the tree service and their insurance doesn’t cover the damage that happened, you could be liable for the accident it caused or worse you can be sued. To guarantee that this won’t happen, it’s important to do some research about their company and their company insurance. A reputable insurance company can provide you their insurance certificates for proof. When they refuse to do so, that’s your sign to never accommodate them again.  

The service is too good to be true 

Similar to a lot of things, if a thing seems to be too good to be true, then there’s a greater chance that it’s a scam. In terms of tree trimming, know that this tree job is crucial and hazardous. It means that you are actually paying someone to put their lives in danger by going up in your trees and cutting them down. If you’ve observed that their rate is significantly lower compared to other providers, then there’s a chance that they won’t do their job well. If this is the case, you can actually lose your tree especially if it’s mishandled.  

If you want a Tree Service Carmel provider that’s legitimate, you just need to call us now.